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Add some powerful mental programming to your workout! The energizing music and motivating affirmations in this program will help you achieve your health and fitness goals quickly and easily.


Walk Into a Trim, Fit & Healthy Body

Walking may be the BEST form of exercise there is. Compared to other exercises, walking is much safer because there are fewer injuries. It is low-impact, it’s easy to do, and it’s cheap – all you need is a good pair of shoes! Along with a good diet, walking makes it easy to be fit and healthy.

Walking will help you lose weight, improve circulation and muscle tone, and relieve stress. Along with that, walking will lift your spirits and help you stay young. It physically kickstarts your metabolism and provides you sustained energy, along with nutrition. Aside from the physical benefits, there are great mental benefits. Mentally, it also promotes creativity, concentration, and can even improve memory. Therefore, the next time you have a stressful day, make sure you get out and take a walk. It will help more than you think!

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These one-hour programs feature enjoyable, energizing music, and positive, motivating audible affirmations will make you feel stronger, happier, more energetic and more in control of your life. They were created by one of the most experienced certified fitness specialists in the United States. Trim, Fit & Healthy Body emphasizes physical fitness, exercise motivation, and weight control. Along with that, the powerful positive affirmations in the program will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Stay motivated with the help of Effective Learning Systems and/or the Wiseguide App.

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