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Transforming Lives: A Nurse’s Lifeline

Julia lives in Kansas City, Missouri and works as a registered nurse. It’s been decades since she picked up her first copy of The Love Tapes that has filled her life with “benefits and graces.”

“I don’t remember how I first came across a little flyer about The Love Tapes back in the late 70s or early 80s,” begins Julia. “But I ordered ‘How To Be Positive’ and still have the original cassette in working condition, though not from of lack of use!”

‘How to Be Positive’ helps you to think, feel, and be more positive in any situation. Julia says she’s recommended the tapes to her patients, family and friends. “I stopped counting how many of these jewels I own when I accumulated more than forty,” she shares.

“I realized I owe Effective Learning more than just my gratitude. Bob Griswold was at my side during what was nothing less than my dark night of the soul. For many years, the Love Tapes were my lifeline. Now, the tapes continue to be an absolute joy and my number one referral source for all of my clients.”

Julia is very appreciative. “My deep thanks for decades of inspiration and hope.”

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Transforming Lives: Dorsey’s Focus on Positive Outcomes

“I wanted to address the negative energies and emotions that seemed to slow my progress to reaching my goals,” begins Dorsey. “Like everyone, I’ve had moments when negative reactions have impaired my ability to move forward towards my goals.” Dorsey’s wife suggested he listen to audio programs from Effective Learning to remove these negative barriers and he has tried several programs from the While-U-Drive series including Overcoming Fears and AnxietyDouble Your Energy, and Become Super Self-Confident.

“Prior to the tapes, I used many “self-help”-style books. Some helped, others not so much, but few had a lasting influence. That all changed with Effective Learning.”

When asked what’s been most helpful, he responds “One bit of specific advice I’ve found helpful is Mark Twain’s quote: ‘Worry is interest paid in advance for a debt you may never owe.’ This and many other quotes are now part of my everyday coping mechanisms for life. Also, the visualization techniques and examples are very useful for day-to-day situations.”

The results for Dorsey have been very encouraging. “The programs have enabled me to increase my focus on positive outcomes. The process of listening for 30 days seems to be an effective way to drive home points about positive approaches to problems. My wife has also benefitted from using the tapes.”

As with many users of the programs, love is at its core. “For me, the programs are a positive reminder of God’s love manifesting externally and perhaps more importantly, within me. I simply have to take time to breathe and notice what is happening in my life. Y’all are truly helping.”

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Transforming Lives: A Single Mom Raising Twin Boys

Rasheedah came across the Love Tapes in the early 1980s. “I was the newly divorced mother of 4 year-old twin sons and completing a degree in Psychology. I didn’t have specific areas of my life that I was dissatisfied with. I just wanted to reinforce key life principles and was seeking support.” She also wanted a positive foundation for her twins. “I wanted to give my sons a head start in building successful lives both spiritually and physically.”

After finding the Loves Tapes helpful, Rasheedah purchased other programs from Effective Learning Systems. “We listened to Alpha Break almost every morning prior to starting the day. In the afternoons, my sons often listened to Effective Studying and Test TakingPeak Performance in Sports or Self-Image for Children. We used the programs related to self-confidence, relaxation, effective speaking, self-esteem, health and healing, relaxation, concentration, and freedom from stress and worry. I now use the Blood PressureSuper Strength Memory Power and Immunity and Longevity programs as well as the Effective Meditations and While-U-Drive CD’s. I actually listen to Achieve Your Ideal Weight Auto-matically while on the treadmill from time to time.”

Just as some families watch TV together, Rasheedah’s family listened to Effective Learning’s programs at the same time. “We usually listened to our tapes once we retired for the night since we knew that we were absorbing the knowledge subliminally even if we fell asleep. Our cassette player was in the hall between our respective bedrooms so we could all hear the chosen tape.”

When asked about the effect on her life, Rasheedah says, “The changes I noticed were profound, but subtle. I frequently recommend the programs to others. In fact, I’m planning to gift my sons with the stress relief and anger management programs just in case they need a refresher.”

How did the programs affect her sons? “My sons are now 35 years-old and physicians in practice together. Both are married with children of their own.”

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Transforming Lives: Don’t Fear Life – Embrace It!

Jenny lives in Florida and works in social services. “I used to be afraid of life,” she begins. “Now I embrace it.” Jenny explains where her fear originated. “I had some very difficult experiences in early life and young adulthood which created problems with my self-image and confidence. At college, I was afraid to speak up in class. My fear was holding me back so I looked for something to help me.”

Jenny came across Effective Learning Systems at a Barnes and Noble store. “I began using the Effective Learning programs almost twenty years ago and noticed a difference in my behavior within a few weeks,” she shares. “I’ve been able to overcome almost all of my negative “programming” and negative self-talk. I was even able to give a presentation about the benefits of guided imagery and self-hypnosis to 150 people. This from a woman who couldn’t speak up in class.”

Part of the appeal for Jenny is the nature of the programs. “It’s both spiritual and science-based so the part of me that wants to nurture a spiritual perspective appreciates the message that we are all part of this grand experience called life. The other part of me that is skeptical of things that sound “too good to be true” responds to the science-based explanations about breathing.”

When asked about the process, Jenny explains, “I am led into a deeply relaxed state and guided to experience some beautiful images. If I use a CD at night, it facilitates my falling into a deep restful sleep. I often have uplifting dreams as well. If I use a CD during the day, it makes me feel refreshed and as though I’ve had a long nap. I wouldn’t say the programs are a “magic bullet” but I think of their use as an exercise regime done to get in shape. You will want to use them on a long-term basis for continued inspiration for your goal.”

Jenny suggests Weight Loss/Stay Slim to help me lose weight and Super Strength Self Esteem/Improve Your Self Image. She uses them a few times every week, sometimes as a sleep aide. “I just ordered four new titles,” she adds. “I’ve used products from at least three other companies of a similar nature. Effective Learning Systems are my favorite. I’ve been using Loving Your Body for about two weeks now and I really like it. I’m not thrilled about being close to 50 and have been a bit down about the natural effects of aging on my body. I believe the program is already giving me a better attitude that’s making me take even better care of myself. I will continue to recommend Effective Learning Systems for years to come.”

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Transforming Lives: Marlin’s Story

There were two issues Marlin wanted to change in his life: his weight and his habit of procrastination. While browsing in a bookstore, he discovered Effective Learning’s audio self-help program ‘Achieve Your Ideal Weight’. “I’d used many motivational tapes in the past to help me lose weight, but this one actually worked.” He lost a staggering 70 pounds.

“I’d listen to the program in the car. It’s one hour long, and I really liked listening to Deirdre Griswold. And then I started making changes to my behavior. Instead of eating dinner in front of the TV, I started to eat at the table. I used to eat really fatty food, too. Now, I make better choices and have more self-control. I also go walking for 3 miles every day.”

Marlin also describes the importance of changing his self-image. “You need to see yourself as thin. In the past when I lost weight, I still thought of myself as fat so I always put the weight back on. Now, I’ve lost 70 pounds and I’m keeping it off because I’ve changed my habits. Part of it is visualizing myself as thin. It really did help me lose weight.”

Following his weight loss success, Marlin tackled his unhelpful procrastination habit. “I used to sleep in until 10 o’clock every morning. Now, I’m up at 6. And I always used to put things off and tell myself I’d do it tomorrow.” Using the Conquering Procrastination program, Marlin learned important tools to help him deal with this issue. “Each morning, I write a list of what needs to be done and I get it done.” When asked what helped him the most, he mentions breaking tasks down into 15 minute blocks rather than feeling overwhelmed with big projects. “I’d had trouble with procrastination for 50 years, so this really was a breakthrough for me.”

Marlin believes what makes Effective Learning’s programs different is the way they change your brain. “You learn better habits. It teaches you how to create better habits to achieve your goals.” He’s since purchased other programs from Effective Learning including Discovering and Developing Your Talents and Freedom From Insomnia. Now, Marlin is writing a book and completes 15-20 pages a day. “I highly recommend these programs. They are well-priced and they work.”

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Transforming Lives: Tony Transforms Himself and his Family

As Tony browsed the shelves in the B Dalton Bookstore in Westland Mall, Florida, he knew he wanted something to help him gain a more positive outlook on life. All those years ago, he chose an audio self-help program that would change his life. The program was How to be Positive, a guided meditation audio by Bob Griswold from Effective Learning Systems.

“I was looking for something to help me be a better person and to have a healthy outlook on life,” begins Tony. “So I selected the tape on how to be positive.”

When asked how it impacted on his life, Tony says, “Prior to listening to the tapes, I feel I was more of an introvert. But now, after many years of listening to many of the Effective Learning programs, I feel my personality has altered to more of an outgoing, social type of person.”

One of the unexpected changes was the effect on those closest to Tony. Not only did they see changes in him, the programs also helped them gain confidence and a positive outlook. “Most of all, I enjoy sharing the tapes with my wife and children and seeing them grow into more positive and self-confident people.”

“I always recommend the programs to my friend’s family and anyone that wants to make improvements in their life. I love them. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t listen to the program. I’m very thankful for my positive outlook on life.”

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Transforming Lives: Annie Marie Chooses Happiness

Can you change? Can you undo years of programming and live the kind of life you want to? In this inspiring story, one woman reveals how she radically changed her attitude and approach to life.

Today, gently spoken Annie Marie says you are what you believe but for many years, her self-belief was distorted and damaged. “I moved to Florida in 1989 with my second husband who then decided he didn’t want to be married any more. I didn’t want to be alone so I jumped straight into a new relationship. I needed someone to love me.” Annie Marie found herself trapped in a negative relationship for thirteen years worsening her already fragile self-confidence. “It got to a point where I couldn’t handle it any more. I was isolated and swamped in negativity.”

Wandering through a thrift store in Florida, Annie Marie found an audio self help program that would change her life. “It was just after leaving the relationship,” she says. “I had no self-confidence, I was alone for the first time in my life and I knew I needed to make changes. And then I spotted this second-hand tape in a thrift store.” The tape was ‘Become Super Self Confident…Automatically’ by Bob and Deirdre Griswold of Effective Learning Systems. “I started listening to the program over and over again hearing Bob and Deirdre explain how to reject negative thoughts and use positive affirmations to change how you think and feel about yourself.”

Part the process for Annie Marie was learning to accept and love herself. “It’s something I hadn’t done and led me to make choices that weren’t good for me because I didn’t think I deserved to be happy. Now, I choose to be happy. I was a very inward person but the tape explained how to eject negatives and to choose to be confident. I started by smiling at other people and of being loving towards them. You get back what you give out.”

Annie Marie used to worry what people thought of her and often avoided social situations. “I used to be easily intimidated until I realized most people feel the same way you do. Rather than focusing on your insecurities, if you start putting out love and think about the other person you feel better and they feel better. I also learned to stop criticizing myself all the time and I stopped being judgmental. Using positive affirmations really helped turn my self-belief around. So much happens in your subconscious so the more positive messages you plant in there, the better.”

With a strong faith and new self-confidence, Annie Marie describes herself as blessed. “Now, I’m outgoing and don’t dwell on negative thoughts. And I make sure to say hi to someone at least three times a day. I put out the love thought. As I result, I’m attracting more loving people into my life. You are what you believe you are.”