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Transforming Lives: A Nurse’s Lifeline

Julia lives in Kansas City, Missouri and works as a registered nurse. It’s been decades since she picked up her first copy of The Love Tapes that has filled her life with “benefits and graces.”

“I don’t remember how I first came across a little flyer about The Love Tapes back in the late 70s or early 80s,” begins Julia. “But I ordered ‘How To Be Positive’ and still have the original cassette in working condition, though not from of lack of use!”

‘How to Be Positive’ helps you to think, feel, and be more positive in any situation. Julia says she’s recommended the tapes to her patients, family and friends. “I stopped counting how many of these jewels I own when I accumulated more than forty,” she shares.

“I realized I owe Effective Learning more than just my gratitude. Bob Griswold was at my side during what was nothing less than my dark night of the soul. For many years, the Love Tapes were my lifeline. Now, the tapes continue to be an absolute joy and my number one referral source for all of my clients.”

Julia is very appreciative. “My deep thanks for decades of inspiration and hope.”

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