Success Stories

Loving Your Body – Immediate Improvement

– June Tracy

“I just received the Loving Your Body program. I played it for the first time yesterday, once in the early evening just after work and once again before retiring. When I woke up this morning and looked into the mirror, I saw a radiance in my face and clarity of complexion that I had never seen before.”

Self-Confidence – “A Small Miracle”

– K. Budnick

“After 10 months of listening to your Self Confidence program, I feel a small ‘miracle’ has occurred within me. It has truly helped me gain the confidence I so badly needed in my business and social life. I am able to face people and situations like I’ve never been able to before.”

Effective Speaking helps Radio DJ

-Ed Allstot

“Tell Bob G. that he has done an excellent job with the Effective Speaking audio. It has broadened my whole prospective in the speaking field. I work as a D.J. here in Gold Beach, OR and it’s helped me on the air, at the station, doing remotes for sales and broadcasting football games, along with just every day living.”

How to Attract Money - Success!

-Carolyn Gayle

“I’ve been using your How To Attract Money audio since last December. I went from working as a part-time clerk in a natural food store to managing the store. I left that job in April for a sales job in real estate. I am earning a lot of money today!”

This program halted my procrastination!

-Jean Gwozdzik

“The Procrastination audio has helped me so very, very much. I now make every minute count. I have a second job and am getting things done around my house that I thought I didn’t have time to do (or didn’t want to do). I cannot believe my energy level. I believe in the audios so much I’m ordering three more. Such a tiny investment for such wonderful, positive results.”

Misc 17

-Delia Huff

“I’ve listened to the four subliminal audios, Self Image, How to be Positive, Slim Image, and Effective Studying every day for two weeks and people have expressed what a change they see in my attitude and appearance. I’ve dropped 9 pounds and feel wonderful.”

Misc 16

-Elaine Chiba

“Your audio on Being A Happy, Effective Parent deserves a medal. I was just thrilled at your marvelous words and thoughts and message. Every girl and boy in high school at sophomore year should hear this program (of course all adults too) for raising even one child is a big career and hardly anyone realizes the serious responsibilities involved in it. I have raised 3 children and if I had your tape earlier, I would have been much wiser and cried less.”

Misc 15

-Nancy Curns

“Your Effective Studying & Test Taking and Memory tapes helped me through law school. I have also used Love Tapes for finding a job, public speaking, health & weight control and improving my relationships.”

Misc 14

-Thomas Lindsey

“The Restful Revitalizing Sleep audio was very helpful during my recovery from two dislocated shoulders, one of which was also broken. It helped me to fall asleep with fewer medications until I was able to stop them entirely. I gave the tape to the doctors at the Medical School Sleep Disorder Clinic so that they could try it on patients.”

Misc 13

-Jayne McPherson

“After having your Loving Your Body and Taking Charge of Your Life tapes for three weeks, my life is already joy-filled because of the universal love you give through these tapes. Through your tapes, my life has taken a quantum leap in a positive direction! And your tapes are so reasonable! I’ve paid almost a thousand dollars seeking these same results through the renowned California workshops scene. Your tapes are more transforming.”

Dr. Richard Goubeaux

“I have been using your tapes both personally and for my patients during the past year with marked success. I would like to make your tapes available to more of my patients, but we keep running out of your catalogs.”

In-depth Profiles

These are profiles of customers who have used our programs to change their lives. Choose a story and read about how some of our customers have used our programs to change their lives! We hope we can add your story, too!

Transforming Lives: A Nurse’s Lifeline

By Effective Learning Systems | April 13, 2019

Julia lives in Kansas City, Missouri and works as a registered nurse. It’s been decades since she picked up her first copy of The Love Tapes that has filled her life with “benefits and graces.” “I don’t remember how I first came […]

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Transforming Lives: Dorsey’s Focus on Positive Outcomes

By Effective Learning Systems | March 22, 2019

“I wanted to address the negative energies and emotions that seemed to slow my progress to reaching my goals,” begins Dorsey. “Like everyone, I’ve had moments when negative reactions have impaired my ability to move forward towards my goals.” Dorsey’s […]

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Transforming Lives: A Single Mom Raising Twin Boys

By Effective Learning Systems | February 21, 2019

Rasheedah came across the Love Tapes in the early 1980s. “I was the newly divorced mother of 4 year-old twin sons and completing a degree in Psychology. I didn’t have specific areas of my life that I was dissatisfied with. […]

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