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Tips on Self-Compassion from the Wall Street Journal

I know, “self-compassion” and “Wall Street Journal” are not two terms you’d expect to see together, but in this case it’s true.

I found this article interesting and helpful because it contains a few practical tips you can employ daily to support yourself. They also point out the breadth of positive effects that result by being a good friend to yourself:

– Greater Happiness
– Age More Gracefully
– Better Health

I also like that it includes a short 4-minute video so you don’t have to read the whole article.

Where I think it falls short is that they talk about “rewiring your brain” for greater self-compassion, but the tips and hints they give don’t really accomplish that.

What does help you rewire your brain? I’m so glad you asked! Our audio programs of course!

If you’re interested in self-compassion (or helping someone you know with that, start with Super Strength Self-Esteem, or take a look at all our titles in the Self-Esteem category.

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Be Happy!

I stumbled across this today and though it worth sharing. 2 minutes and 42 seconds of sage advice and very beautiful music. Enjoy!

Apparently the content of this video comes from the following book, in case you are interested:

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A Birthday Present for You

In honor of our 40th anniversary and to help introduce our 5 new While-U-Sleep programs, we’re offering special pricing on these titles only for the next 3 days. Save more than 35%!

Self-Help Audio Sleep Learning Meditation CDs
We introduced this brand new series of audio programs less than 2 months ago. They are called the While-U-Sleep programs because they are designed specifically to be used when you go to bed and while you sleep. And while they take advantage of the power of sleep learning, they are anything but “sleepers.” In fact, they have become our most popular titles. The 5 titles in this series now occupy 5 of the top 10 titles in our vast library of over 100 programs.

For the next 3 days you can get the CDs for just $15.97 (normally the price is $24.98). And for a digital download which normally sells for $19.98, they are now just $12.97 if you order by Monday July 9th.

Browse the titles today and pick a couple to see how they help you sleep and help you change your life!

Improve Your Life While-U-Sleep

Please remember to order by July 9th to enjoy this special pricing.

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All You Need Is…The Love Tapes

Right now, somewhere in the world, it’s likely that someone is listening to Bob Griswold’s The Love Tapes. Since 1976, this series of audio self-help programs has helped over a million people reprogram negative thoughts and unleash their potential. When they were first created, the tapes were literally cassette tapes. But the idea of the “tape” also relates to negative messages that become embedded in people’s brains.

“The idea for the Love Tapes came to me when I was jogging one day,” begins Griswold. After working in insurance, theatrical

               Bob Griswold, Founder

productions, and rock music promotion, Griswold wanted to make a change in his life. “I had a wife and four children and worked in a stressful business. I had ulcers and migraine headaches and I was looking for answers. I’d read books about positive thinking, but I’d put the books down and go back to the same habits. I realized you have to internalize it. You don’t read about riding a bike and then ride – you have to experience it.” It led him to create his own programs.

“The tapes, which are now available as CDs, MP3 downloads, and mobile apps, are designed to overcome negativity and provide self help for self-esteem which includes loving yourself,” continues Griswold. “When you love yourself, it’s easier for others to love you and easier for you to love them. We’re told to love our neighbors as ourselves, not more than or instead of.” When asked why he chose “love” as his theme, he offers, “It just made sense to me. Love is a basic need. Everyone needs love. No matter how independent, macho, wealthy or successful a person is, without love there’s no self-actualization. These audio programs can help you get more in touch with the great power of love. Love is an energy and this energy can bring you more happiness, health, peace of mind and better more loving relationships. People also say they love to experience them and they love the great results.”

In the decades since they were released, the Love Tapes are still popular and selling well. “We have tons and tons of letters, emails, and phone calls. People have done miraculous things with their lives. They’ve lost a hundred or more pounds, they’ve improved their relationships, their marriages and income. You could call them the miracle tapes. But the real miracle is that people have fantastic potential and the Love Tapes help unlock that potential.”

One of the First Love Tapes Catalog Covers

Fear is one of the biggest obstacles preventing people from realizing their full potential. When confronted with new or challenging situations, we often respond with a worst-case scenario. “We’ve been taught to fear,” says Griswold. “Most negative things in our lives have been taught to us. We’ve been programmed from childhood to feel fear, to feel shame, to feel we’re inadequate. These tapes help you conquer fear and believe in yourself. Through the proper use of guided visualizations, positive affirmations, and other techniques, these programs engage all your senses. That’s what’s needed to “unlearn” the negative behaviors and thought habits you acquire through your life.”

Does being positive mean we can avoid tough times? “We all go through tough times. The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s temporary. There’s a silver lining to every cloud. Obstacles should be seen as opportunities to grow. Every problem has a gift. We just have to look for it. Sometimes you lose a job and you feel down and low and you dwell on that. But that just makes the situation more difficult. I had a student who was programming for a better situation at work. He came back a week later and said he was fired. I said maybe there’s something good in that. A week later he got another job that he wouldn’t have been exposed to if he hadn’t lost the first job.”

“In several of my audio programs, I teach goal setting. People have to take action. If we occupy ourselves with wishful thinking, that doesn’t really help that much. Here’s the way I look at it. Many years ago I was stressed out financially and I found myself projecting forward in time and feeling happy that things were much better. It was as if I moved forward in time. And when I was there, I looked back and saw the steps necessary to get back to that point. Every inventor does that. All people who create things are dreamers, but it’s constructive dreaming. They take action. Sometimes people wish for things and when it happens, they realize it’s not what they really wanted. It’s why we do a lot of self-examination in our courses. It’s important to get in touch with what’s really important to you, through introspection.”

One testament the power of Bob Griswold’s voice and message is that decades later, people still listen to their original copies of the Love Tapes. It’s the power of love.

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Intelligence is Overrated? The Skills You Need to Succeed at Life!

I just came across this interesting article from Forbes that talks about what’s most important for success in life.

What it says is that while Intelligence (IQ) is important to a certain degree, it is not sufficient – and may even be less important than other “Human Engineering” factors.

These other factors are:

– Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
– Moral Intelligence (MQ)
– Body Intelligence (BQ)

These assertions are based on research done at Carnegie Institute of Technology. It concluded that 85% of your financial success is due to these Human Engineering skills and only 15% is related to your technical knowledge.

I’m not familiar with exactly how they did the studies and how they came up with the percent values, but what was really interesting were the “Tips for Improvement” they included in the article. It was interesting because so many of the tips related specifically to what our programs do so very well!

Here are some of the improvement tips the article recommends. I’ve included links to programs where appropriate:

Improving your Emotional Intelligence:

EQ … is about being aware of your own feelings and those of others, regulating these feelings in yourself and others, using emotions that are appropriate to the situation, self-motivation, and building relationships.

First, become aware of your inner dialogue. It helps to keep a journal of what thoughts fill your mind during the day. Stress can be a huge killer of emotional intelligence, so you also need to develop healthy coping techniques that can effectively and quickly reduce stress in a volatile situation.

Improving your Moral Intelligence
MQ directly follows EQ as it deals with your integrity, responsibility, sympathy, and forgiveness. The way you treat yourself is the way other people will treat you. Keeping commitments, maintaining your integrity, and being honest are crucial to moral intelligence.

Make fewer excuses and take responsibility for your actions. Avoid little white lies. Show sympathy and communicate respect to others. Practice acceptance and show tolerance of other people’s shortcomings. Forgiveness is not just about how we relate to others; it’s also how you relate to and feel about yourself.

Improving your Body Intelligence
Lastly, there is your BQ, or body intelligence, which reflects what you know about your body, how you feel about it, and take care of it. Your body is constantly telling you things; are you listening to the signals or ignoring them? Are you eating energy-giving or energy-draining foods on a daily basis? Are you getting enough rest? Do you exercise and take care of your body? It may seem like these matters are unrelated to business performance, but your body intelligence absolutely affects your work because it largely determines your feelings, thoughts, self-confidence, state of mind, and energy level.

At least once a day, listen to the messages your body is sending you about your health. Actively monitor these signals instead of going on autopilot. Good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest are all key aspects of having a high BQ. Monitoring your weight, practicing moderation with alcohol, and making sure you have down time can dramatically benefit the functioning of your brain and the way you perform at work.

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Great New Movie! Introducing Keeper of the Keys

Starring: Jack CanfieldJohn GrayMarci Shimoff, and more!

Who says a self-help documentary has to be boring? “The Keeper of the Keys” is the first funny personal development movie. A unique hybrid, “The Keeper of the Keys” seamlessly blends expertise with entertaining fiction to create a compelling, empowering movie you’ll want to watch again and again. If you liked The Secret, you’ll LOVE this movie and you’ll find it much more transformative and entertaining.

So while it’s funny and fun to watch, it’s wonderfully practical. With this movie…

  • You’ll want to take notes when you watch it (it’s so rich with techniques and advice)
  • You’ll find yourself wanting to watch it monthly to keep on a path of self-improvement
  • You’ll want to watch with your spouse or other close friend for mutual encouragement and support
  • You’ll love the ending. It’s very motivating and empowering!

This trailer will give you a preview of what’s in the movie. (Click here to get your own copy on DVD.)

Michael Walden is having one bad day after another … and there is no end in sight. He is a victim of his circumstances … or so he believes. After losing his job and finding his house in foreclosure, he becomes increasingly negative and frustrated. It doesn’t help that his fiancée Anne, tired of his rants, breaks off their engagement. Depressed and discouraged, he falls asleep … and dreams.

Success coach Jack Canfield appears and tells Michael he is sending some friends – experts – who will help him to discover the keys and how to use them. So begins an incredible journey that has Michael encountering experts from around the world as he is led through an eerie estate by Elizabeth, a spiritual guide. Not since “A Christmas Carol” has a dream been this rich, this revealing, or this much fun.

Jack CanfieldJohn Gray and Marci Shimoff share their incredible stories of personal empowerment. Elizabeth and the experts explain the keys of the Universe and how they work.

But, Michael is not easily convinced; he hears the experts’ stories and argues with them. Through the magic of the mysterious dwelling and the powerful images the experts share, Michael begins to realize that understanding the keys will help him to break free from the thoughts and patterns that have kept him stuck in a deteriorating, negative reality.

Producer Robin Jay decided it was about time someone took the Hell out of SELF HELP! Once you see it, you’ll agree – self-help has never been so much fun.

Click here to get your copy on DVD today!

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How to STOP Smoking Today!

Finally, a program to help YOU stop smoking.

For Immediate Release

Bloomington, MN, April 1, 2012: Today Effective Learning Systems, the leader in guided meditation audio CDs announces the availability of their newest self-help audio CD: How to Stop Smoking Today!

With this new self-help meditation CD, Effective Learning Audio has created the first-of-its-kind program to finally help people establish a non-smoking habit and keep it for life.

The program is guaranteed to help listeners succeed within 30 days. Loaded with positive affirmations and subliminal messages, users should expect to easily enjoy a non-smoking way of life!

Please click here for more information about the program. And please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.