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Tips on Self-Compassion from the Wall Street Journal

I know, “self-compassion” and “Wall Street Journal” are not two terms you’d expect to see together, but in this case it’s true.

I found this article interesting and helpful because it contains a few practical tips you can employ daily to support yourself. They also point out the breadth of positive effects that result by being a good friend to yourself:

– Greater Happiness
– Age More Gracefully
– Better Health

I also like that it includes a short 4-minute video so you don’t have to read the whole article.

Where I think it falls short is that they talk about “rewiring your brain” for greater self-compassion, but the tips and hints they give don’t really accomplish that.

What does help you rewire your brain? I’m so glad you asked! Our audio programs of course!

If you’re interested in self-compassion (or helping someone you know with that, start with Super Strength Self-Esteem, or take a look at all our titles in the Self-Esteem category.

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