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Great New Movie! Introducing Keeper of the Keys

Starring: Jack CanfieldJohn GrayMarci Shimoff, and more!

Who says a self-help documentary has to be boring? “The Keeper of the Keys” is the first funny personal development movie. A unique hybrid, “The Keeper of the Keys” seamlessly blends expertise with entertaining fiction to create a compelling, empowering movie you’ll want to watch again and again. If you liked The Secret, you’ll LOVE this movie and you’ll find it much more transformative and entertaining.

So while it’s funny and fun to watch, it’s wonderfully practical. With this movie…

  • You’ll want to take notes when you watch it (it’s so rich with techniques and advice)
  • You’ll find yourself wanting to watch it monthly to keep on a path of self-improvement
  • You’ll want to watch with your spouse or other close friend for mutual encouragement and support
  • You’ll love the ending. It’s very motivating and empowering!

This trailer will give you a preview of what’s in the movie. (Click here to get your own copy on DVD.)

Michael Walden is having one bad day after another … and there is no end in sight. He is a victim of his circumstances … or so he believes. After losing his job and finding his house in foreclosure, he becomes increasingly negative and frustrated. It doesn’t help that his fiancée Anne, tired of his rants, breaks off their engagement. Depressed and discouraged, he falls asleep … and dreams.

Success coach Jack Canfield appears and tells Michael he is sending some friends – experts – who will help him to discover the keys and how to use them. So begins an incredible journey that has Michael encountering experts from around the world as he is led through an eerie estate by Elizabeth, a spiritual guide. Not since “A Christmas Carol” has a dream been this rich, this revealing, or this much fun.

Jack CanfieldJohn Gray and Marci Shimoff share their incredible stories of personal empowerment. Elizabeth and the experts explain the keys of the Universe and how they work.

But, Michael is not easily convinced; he hears the experts’ stories and argues with them. Through the magic of the mysterious dwelling and the powerful images the experts share, Michael begins to realize that understanding the keys will help him to break free from the thoughts and patterns that have kept him stuck in a deteriorating, negative reality.

Producer Robin Jay decided it was about time someone took the Hell out of SELF HELP! Once you see it, you’ll agree – self-help has never been so much fun.

Click here to get your copy on DVD today!

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