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Transforming Lives: Tony Transforms Himself and his Family

As Tony browsed the shelves in the B Dalton Bookstore in Westland Mall, Florida, he knew he wanted something to help him gain a more positive outlook on life. All those years ago, he chose an audio self-help program that would change his life. The program was How to be Positive, a guided meditation audio by Bob Griswold from Effective Learning Systems.

“I was looking for something to help me be a better person and to have a healthy outlook on life,” begins Tony. “So I selected the tape on how to be positive.”

When asked how it impacted on his life, Tony says, “Prior to listening to the tapes, I feel I was more of an introvert. But now, after many years of listening to many of the Effective Learning programs, I feel my personality has altered to more of an outgoing, social type of person.”

One of the unexpected changes was the effect on those closest to Tony. Not only did they see changes in him, the programs also helped them gain confidence and a positive outlook. “Most of all, I enjoy sharing the tapes with my wife and children and seeing them grow into more positive and self-confident people.”

“I always recommend the programs to my friend’s family and anyone that wants to make improvements in their life. I love them. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t listen to the program. I’m very thankful for my positive outlook on life.”

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