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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Weight Control

By Effective Learning Systems | April 13, 2018

QUIZ: TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON WEIGHT CONTROL   Neww research regarding weight control and the brain reminded me of an article I wrote a few years back that included a quiz on that very topic. The quiz had 4 questions […]

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The Most Relaxing Tune in the World?

By Effective Learning Systems | April 13, 2018

  I found this story to be very interesting. Here’s the article: Apparently this song was created by a band who worked with sound

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Alpha Break – a Great Guided Meditation Self-Help Audio for Relaxation and Motivation

By Effective Learning Systems | April 13, 2018

  This is the powerful and enjoyable Alpha Break program by Bob Griswold. Enjoy this video presentation of the program.

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Help me lose weight by Winning the Mental Game of Weight Control

By Effective Learning Systems | April 13, 2018
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