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Subliminal Messages in Self-Help Audio Programs

Experience the Benefits of Subliminal Love Tapes

There has been, and probably always will be, some controversy about subliminal messages in audio programs. The scientific community continues to study and debate the effectiveness of audio programs that utilize subliminal messages. Meanwhile thousands of people use these programs every day and report very positive results.

You might be asking: “Can the subliminal messages in audio programs help me attain my goals?” Here’s some information that’ll help aid your decision:

First of all, audio programs with subliminal messages are designed to deliver positive affirmations directly to the subconscious — bypassing the conscious mind, which may reject these positive affirmations. This method is designed to allow the subconscious to more readily accept positive thoughts and images, replacing the negative thoughts and images we’ve held in our subconscious — often since childhood.

There have been dozens of studies of subliminal messages by Dr. Lloyd Silverman, Dr. Hal Becker, Dr. Kenneth Parker, Dr. Eldon Taylor and many others that have shown significant positive results. That’s why many prominent physicians, psychologists and other professionals use audio programs with subliminal messages — because they know they’re helpful to those desiring positive changes.

More important, however, is the fact that while subliminal communication has been shown to be effective, not all audio programs using subliminal messages are equal!

We believe that subliminal programming is most effective when it’s accompanied by an effective program that works on the conscious mind as well. In other words, the audio programs that work the best are those that combine audible plus subliminal messages, as our Love Tapes® do!

We know subliminal programming is a very beneficial supplement to our audible programs. We know because our customers tell us so. And real-life results are what really matter. It also makes our audio programs more versatile, since the subliminal messages recorded beneath the sound of ocean waves or carefully selected music can be enjoyed at times when it is not possible to close your eyes and relax deeply, as the regular programs require.

With the Love Tapes the choice is yours. They’re available in two formats:

MP3: 3-in-1 – Includes the audible program plus powerful Music & Ocean Subliminal programs – all downloaded instantly
CD: 3-in-1
 – Includes the audible program plus powerful Music & Ocean Subliminal programs

Love Tapes with subliminal messages provide you with the best of two convenient and complementary learning methods. In fact, they’re like getting two (or three) audio programs in one — and more!

They combine the ingredients research has found to be the most important for providing optimum results such as:

• Meaningful, positive affirmations
• Real-time, compassionate human voice
• Goal-oriented visualization and other proven mind development techniques
• Audible and subliminal programs appealing to both hemispheres of the brain
• Valid, time-tested information on respective topics

This is a combination no other brand of audio program can match. You get the most powerful personal development program you can buy – at any price! And they’re enjoyable and convenient.

But don’t take our word for it, or anyone else’s. See for yourself. With our No Risk Guarantee, you get results or you’ll get a refund. Find out why thousands of people say that purchasing the Love Tapes® was the best investment they’ve ever made.

Remember: many studies have indicated that subliminal messages can help you reach your goals…but only if you use them correctly. Listen to the audible program as well as the subliminal programs on the Love Tapes® at least once a day for 30 days. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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