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Conquer Your Fears and Overcome Worry and Anxiety

There’s been an intriguing development in the last 2-3 years at Effective Learning Systems, and that has been the surge in popularity of titles related to fears and anxiety. It’s a sad testament to the current state of our world. And while the trend is understandable, the good news is that YOU don’t have to let it affect YOU.

Bob Griswold, Founder

It’s normal to feel fear. In fact, in centuries gone by, fear is what kept our ancestors alive because they responded to external threats, such as a saber-toothed tiger hovering around the entrance to the cave. The fight-or-flight response kicked in releasing adrenalin that helped our forebears to run away as quickly as possible or muster enough energy to fight. These days, however, when we feel fear, there generally isn’t a physical outlet to resolve the perceived threat and it manifests as anxiety or worry in our minds. And we tend to retain the same worries and anxieties that become more reinforced every time we think them. It becomes a vicious cycle.

One of the things that makes life so wonderful is the ability to experience a broad range of emotions. The highs can be indescribably joyful! And the lows – while often quite painful – can be some of our best learning experiences and they certainly help us appreciate the highs even more.

The difficulty is when emotions become overwhelming and stop you from participating in life they way you would like. Fears can take on a life of their own and have disproportionate control over our lives. If we are unable to let go of the past and forgive ourselves and others, the feelings of guilt or anger can consume our lives and limit our potential.

And it is absolutely true that our fears and worry take a toll on us. It is said that worry is interest paid in advance on a debt that we may never owe. What that means is that when we worry, we imagine the negative outcome that we fear. We live that negative outcome in our minds as if it was really happening. Our bodies react to the worry as if the feared outcome was actually happening. As a result we experience immediate discomfort and pay a physical and emotional price through the effects of excessive stress.

And what of that imagined negative outcome? Well, in most cases it never materializes. Meanwhile, we’ve suffered as if it had.

Therefore, the key to conquering fears and anxiety is to not only break the habit of dwelling on potential negative events, it’s to proactively dwell on potential positive events. As simple as that is, it’s not always easy. Most people tend to dwell on negatives out of habit and reflex. So it’s important to learn how to build new habits and reflexes that focus on the positive outcomes.

For the past forty years, we’ve been helping people release negative emotions and build new expectations for the future. Our programs have helped thousands of people change old conditioned patterns, replacing them with more helpful ways of processing life events.

Here are a couple of real-life examples:

Joni: “I recently found myself unemployed after working for the same company for 17 years. The fears that haunted me were, ‘Am I skillful and self-confident enough to enter the world of job hunting?’ After listening to the CD, I realized that I am. You see, the skills and confidence I thought I lacked were deep within me. It’s like getting up and brushing your teeth – you know how to do it instinctively. It empowered me with what I already had.”

Diane: “I used Conquering Fears and Anxiety to overcome my fear of flying. I actually used it prior to my flights and even during the flight! It was a wonderful comfort and I flew without fear!”

Our programs show you how to take control of your emotions, eliminate fears and anxiety, live in the present, and plan for a much brighter future. There’s no magic elixir or “surefire formula for success.” Instead we show you how to recondition your inner mind to harness the full power of your subconscious and help achieve more of your potential. The positive programming delivers an immediate positive impact. And, over time, there are immeasurable long-term benefits.

The goal-orientated programming allows you to implement strategies in your day-to-day life that eventually become second nature. It’s like having your own therapist or coach to guide you through the maze until you have mastery of your emotions. Your emotions won’t control you – you will control your emotions.

If you feel that conquering fears and anxiety is something that will help you improve your life, here are some programs that may interest you.

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