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How You Can Begin Enjoying a Prosperous, Happy, Purposeful Life…Today! A book by Bob Griswold

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CAUTION: Reading this book is likely to result in great wealth. Please read carefully!

THIS BOOK IS NOT JUST ABOUT MONEY. True, much of it is about money, but it’s also about discovering your unique value, realizing your vast potential and learning how to live a truly happy, fulfilling life! After all, true wealth includes much more than money.

This inspiring book will help you master the phenomenally powerful, yet delightfully simple, methods that will transform your life! In this updated and expanded edition of his enormously popular book, How to Attract Money, Bob Griswold provides strategies and techniques to: be more positive and confident, strengthen your self-image, conquer procrastination, master the law of attraction, overcome worry, and be happy…NOW!

This book is made to be devoured. You’ll want to read it over and over again, each time discovering new ideas, new motivation and extraordinary enthusiasm. This book could be worth thousands if not millions of dollars to you.

Paperback, 208 pp

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