Achieve Your Ideal Weight…Auto-matically

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Achieve Your Ideal Weight Automatically!

Achieve your ideal weight with the help of this program. Any world-class athlete will tell you that the mind is the most important part of success in any sport. It’s the same with losing weight. Our thoughts influence our eating habits, our cravings, our metabolism, and our attitude toward exercise. This program will help you tap the power of your mind to achieve your ideal weight quickly and painlessly. Listen to this program while you drive, exercise, or any activity. The information and techniques in this program will help you win the mental game of weight control. As a result, you will effortlessly do what needs to be done to achieve whatever you desire. Order now and take your first step toward a healthier you!

Productive mindfulness is the process of training your mind to influence your body. As a result, we have created many programs to train your mind to help your body. One example of this includes physical healing yourself with your mind. It all starts with positive thinking and a belief that you will be healed.

This program is part of our While-U-Drive series. It features several 8-10 minute segments that you can listen to any time you want. Each segment is packed with great information, techniques, and powerful programming that will help you realize amazing improvements very quickly and easily. Whether you have time for just one segment or time for the entire program, you can feel better about yourself and your potential almost instantly.

Effective Learning Systems has recently developed an app that allows you to play all your digital downloads on one device. As a result, you can now listen to a program free of service or wifi, once downloaded.

Try listening on our app – The Wiseguide! Available on both Apple IOS and Android platforms.

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1 review for Achieve Your Ideal Weight…Auto-matically

  1. lisa kippen

    I absolutely love it! I love their tapes. They help me so much! Amazing the change in me. Thank you so very much! We are blessed to have this opportunity to change our lives. We are blessed to have such wonderful talented people to help us make our lives better. May God bless you all in all ways! I also have the weight loss set, anger management, learning and memory, automatically positive. I just love these tapes. Thank YOU!

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