About the Love Tapes

About the Love Tapes

What Are The Love Tapes?
How Much of Your Brain Do You Use?
Why Are They Called The Love Tapes?
What Makes The Love Tapes So Unique?
How Do I Use The Love Tapes?
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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What are the Love Tapes?

The Love Tapes are a unique series of audio programs created to help you develop your vast untapped abilities. You’ll realize your full potential and make amazing improvements in virtually any area you choose.

The Love Tapes are based on the most current brain/mind research, sound psychological principals, and years of experience with thousands of people. Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Goal Oriented Relaxation
  • Mental Imagery
  • Whole-Brain Learning
  • Affirmations
  • Positive Emotions
  • Subliminal Programming
  • Proven Mind Development Techniques
  • Soothing Original Music
  • The Power of Love
  • A Truly Unbeatable Combination

Each title in the Love Tapes series includes:

A powerful audible Guided Meditation/Self-Hypnosis program. Listen to this part when you have a chance to close your eyes and relax deeply. It will guide you through some exercises to help you achieve the Alpha state – somewhere between sleep and full alertness. While at this level, the affirmations, imagery and suggestions are designed help you access your subconscious mind and influence your subconscious thinking. It’s a truly life-changing experience.

Two Subliminal programs. In these programs, the message is embedded beneath the soothing sound of ocean waves or carefully selected instrumental music. You can listen to these programs any time you’d like. They are great as a background sound while you work or to help you sleep. To learn more about Subliminal programming, read our report on in the Resources area of our site.

And each title is available in your choice of formats: MP3 Download or CD.


How Much of Your Brain Do You Use?

Einstein said we only use 5%. Some scientists estimate we use much less. We’re proud to offer you The Love Tapes, a unique, exclusive program that will help you use more of your mind – to realize more of your potential.

The Love Tapes are based on current brain/mind research, sound psychological principles, effective mind development techniques and many years of experience with hundreds of thousands of people. These individuals report they have used the tapes successfully to: improve relationships, self-image, memory, manage stress, stop smoking, control weight, and much more.


Why Are They Called The Love Tapes?

Throughout our lives, each of us is exposed to many negative influences. For example, many of us have been told that we are “fat” or “stupid” or that we’ll “never amount to much.” Unfortunately, our subconscious minds tend to latch onto these statements and make them our own thoughts. These recorded thoughts play over and over in our subconscious minds. These recordings, or “self-talk,” are commonly referred to as “tapes.” You may have heard the terms “parental tapes” or “peer tapes” which refer to the source of this internal programming.

Fact is…these “tapes” are very powerful and have a tremendous influence on our reality. For example, if you think of yourself as an overweight person your body will likely conform to that image. If you think of yourself as poor, you are likely to have financial difficulties. Sounds like nonsense…but it’s true! As Buddha said, “What we think, we become.”

An overweight person may lose a lot of weight on a special diet, but will likely gain the weight back unless they are able to change their “tapes.” Likewise, a poor person who gains wealth will often squander it quickly if he still sees himself as a poor person.

So how do we improve our reality and make it stick? It’s all about perception. To make any change permanent, we need to replace our negative subconscious tapes with positive tapes. Tapes that constantly reinforce the reality we seek…Love Tapes! They are called The Love Tapes because:

1. These audio programs are designed to overcome negativity and build self-esteem, which includes loving yourself. When you love yourself, it’s easier to love others and easier for them to love you. We’re told to love our neighbors as ourselves – not more than or instead of.

2. Love is a basic need. Everyone needs love. No matter how independent, macho, wealthy, or successful a person may be, without love there is no self-actualization.

3. The tapes can help you get more in touch with the great power of love which can bring you more happiness, health, success, peace of mind, and better, more loving relationships.

4. People say they love the experience of listening to the tapes as much as they love the great results.

5. Last, but certainly not least, we put a lot of love into the making of each tape.


What makes The Love Tapes so unique?

It’s all in the recipe. Other methods may have some of the ingredients found in The Love Tapes, but none offer you this unbeatable recipe. It includes a special combination of whole-brain learning, affirmations, positive emotions, proven mind development techniques, and the power of love. The Love Tapes do a great job of communicating valuable information, ideas and mental processes.


How Do I Use The Love Tapes?

Simply listen to your Love Tapes once or twice a day when you have a chance to relax and close your eyes. The best time is just before bedtime or as soon as you wake up in the morning. The system is easy to incorporate into your life because The Love Tapes are interchangeable. You can listen to two or more different Love Tapes each day or one today and another tomorrow. They all complement each other. Most people order several programs to maximize the benefit (and to take advantage of our discounts). For best results, listen to the entire program at least once a day for at least thirty days. The more you listen, the quicker and more permanent the changes will be.



We mean it! Each tape, CD, and MP3 download carries a full warranty against defects in workmanship for one year from date of purchase and will be replaced free of charge. It normally takes about 30 days to overcome past negative programming and supplant it with positive programming. If, after 30 days, you do not feel a positive change, you may return your tape or CD to Effective Learning Systems during the subsequent 30 day period for a full refund of the product cost. In fact, we are so confident that you’ll be delighted with your results, this 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to digital download programs, too! Order risk-free today!



The information provided by Effective Learning Systems, LLC on this site and in its audio programs is for informational and educational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and no therapeutic claims of any kind are made regarding these audio programs. They are not intended as a substitute for seeing your physician or for medical treatment.

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