Overcoming Worry



Overcoming Worry

Mark Twain said, “I’ve had a lot of problems in my day–most of which never happened.” It’s been said that worry is interest paid in advance on a debt you may never owe. When people say, “Don’t worry,” it doesn’t help much, does it? It takes a little more than that. This program will help you take a good look at the process we go through when we worry. Along with that, Overcoming Worry points out how useless worrying is and will help you do something about it. You will be a happier, more positive, worry-free person.

This program is one of the excellent titles in our LOVE TAPES® series. It features a relaxing and powerful guided meditation exercise along with two soothing subliminal programs. Together they provide the perfect recipe for self-improvement. Click here to learn more about the LOVE TAPES series.

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